Notary Public Quiz

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1. What is the primary role of a notary public?

2. Which tool does a notary use to provide an official seal on documents?

3. What should a notary do if they suspect a signatory is under duress?

4. Which document verifies a person's identity for the notary?

5. Which of the following is not typically a duty of a notary?

6. For how long can a notary typically keep their commission, before renewal is needed?

7. Which type of notary act requires the signer to swear or affirm the truthfulness of the contents of a document?

8. In which scenario is a notary not allowed to notarize a document?

9. What does it mean when a document has been 'apostilled'?

10. What is essential for a notary act to be valid?

11. Which of the following is not a type of notary public?

12. In which location is a notary less likely to work?

13. A notary public's journal is intended to...

14. Who commissions (or appoints) notaries public in the United States?

15. What is 'notary misconduct'?

16. What does a 'notarial certificate' indicate?

17. Who is responsible for the contents of a document being notarized?

18. Can a notary public refuse to serve someone?

19. What is the maximum fee a notary can charge for their services?

20. Can a notary public perform notarial acts in any state?

21. Which of the following is a standard feature of a notary seal?

22. In case a notary is uncertain about a signer's mental capacity, what should they do?

23. Which is NOT a valid reason for a notary to decline service?

24. What should a notary do if they make a mistake on the notarial certificate?

25. Can a notary notarize their own documents?

26. What is a thumbprint typically used for in a notary journal?

27. In what case might a notary need to use a credible witness?

28. Which of the following is NOT a common type of notarial act?

29. What is the best way for a notary to confirm the willingness of a signer?

30. A notary's seal and journal should be...

31. What is a notarial protest typically used for?

32. Can a notary charge for travel expenses?

33. What can happen if a notary commits official misconduct?

34. Which of the following is a sign that a document might be fraudulent?

35. What is the difference between a mobile notary and a traditional notary?

36. When can a notary decline an oath administration?

37. A remote online notarization (RON) allows a notary to notarize a document...

38. Which statement about a notary bond is true?

39. Which of the following documents might a notary NOT be authorized to notarize?

40. If asked, is a notary obligated to provide proof of their commission?