Nationwide Professional Notary Network

AmeriNotary is a network of independent notary professionals specializing in residential loan signings and general notary services in the United States.

All AmeriNotary associates are certified by AmeriNotary as the most accurate and experienced notaries in America.

Our associates focus on accuracy and quality control and are provided SSL encryped tools to store and deliver loan documents and a robust CRM to collaborate with their colleagues.

Title companies, banks, and lawfirms trust AmeriNotary Associates to do it right the first time, and know that AmeriNotary Associates keep vital financial information secure to prevent identity theft and fraud.

If you demand the very best choose an Amerinotary Associate. Search by zipcode, or by county, or state to find an associate or email us if you need assistance with finding a notary.

All notary services require at least one form of photo identification. Notarial acts must be performed within the jurisdiction of the State where the notary is commissioned. Depending on jurisdiction and policies, other requirements may apply. Most notaries affiliated with AmeriNotary are not attorneys and may not give legal advise or draft documents. However, some notaries may also be licensed as an attorney, title producer, or real estate agent, and may state so on their profile. Contact your state bar association or professional licensing agency to verify these credentials.

AmeriNotary is not a lawfirm, provider of legal services, a title agency, or real estate agency and makes no such claim or representation. Associates ('Loan Signing Agents', 'Notaries', 'Professionals') are not employees or contractors of AmeriNotary. AmeriNotary is not responsible for errors or omissions and makes no service guarantees. See Policies, Terms, and Conditions for more information.